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Reiki is a Japanese art form that is intended to reduce stress levels, relax the mind and the body and promote natural healing. This art form is based on the premise of the unseen life force of energy that flows through each and every person and allows them to be alive.  The theory is that when your life force energy is low, you are more likely to become ill and become more stressed. When the life force energy is high, you are better able to achieve happiness and healthiness.

The word ‘Reiki’ is derived from two Japanese words: Rei, which translates to ‘God’s wisdom’ or ‘higher power’ and Ki, which translates to ‘life force energy. When these two words are combined to create the word Reiki, they form a word that means a life force of energy that is guided by a higher power or a higher energy.

If you are interested in learning the art of Reiki energy healing in Lancaster, OH, you have come to the right place. At Pearl Yoga, we offer one-on-one Reiki sessions, in which you will learn this Japanese healing technique from an experienced instructor who is well versed in the art of Reiki. You will have the opportunity to experience how increasing the healing energy will benefit your body. In fact, you may say that you feel as if there is a warm and glowing radiance flowing throughout your entire being and touches every part of you, including your body, your mind, your spirit and your emotions.

Through our Reiki healing classes, you will experience a state of relaxation and a feeling of utter peace and tranquility. You will notice a marked increase in your overall well-being as you experience the invigorating effects of the healing power.

Improve your mind, body and spirit with one of our Reiki classes today!

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